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Delivering WOW Service

Delivering WOW Service, a powerful and dynamic program, transforms how employees view customer service. This program challenges the notion that “ok” service is “okay.” Customers don’t want service that is ok, alright, not bad or pretty good. What organizations do to keep customers from being unhappy is very different than what organizations must do to make customers happy.

The high energy exercises in this workshop, results in participants leaving motivated to create the WOW effect in the customers they serve. Participants learn not just the skills required for delivering WOW service, but also strategie for providing such service to challenging customers, always the test to whether an organization can claim to be a WOW service provider.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  • Gain a new understanding of what it means to provide exemplary customer service
  • Be able to differentiate between satisfying customers and providing them WOW service
  • Learn to add emotional value to service encounters
  • Learn to build relationships with challenging customers
  • Learn a four step model for dealing with dissatisfied customers

The Delivering WOW Service program is offered on-site at your organization, and specifically tailored to your needs. To learn more about this program and how it may work for your organization, contact us at 314 367 5511.