• Solutions for a New Workplace


Creating Thriving Work Communities
The Creating Thriving Work Communities Program is an intensive two to three day leadership development and organizational change program focusing participants on reducing cultural distance, group alienation and organizational fragmentation–the principal enemies of organizational change and learning. This program gets to the heart of what leaders must do to tap the individual and collective talent, energy and potential residing in today’s increasingly diverse work communities.

Connections: Reducing Cultural Distance
The Connections program is a major step forward in our thinking about how to build a rich and inclusive workplace. Participants learn, during a four to eight hour session, a powerful model for recognizing, understanding and countering the naturally occurring forces driving human beings out of relationship with one another. Unlike most traditional diversity programs, the Connections program helps build and strengthen rather than further fragment work communities.

Managing for WOW Service
The Managing for WOW Service program is designed to help organizations desiring to transform their service culture. A one to two day program, Managing for WOW Service focuses on the three critical components of establishing a WOW service culture: promoting collective effort through the establishment of team objectives, setting customer-driven service standards and capturing discretionary effort.

Delivering WOW Service
Delivering WOW Service, a powerful and dynamic program, transforms how employees view the service they provide. This program improves customer service immediately as participants leave motivated to create the WOW effect in the customers they serve. The central feature of this program is that participants learn to distinguish between behaviors that create satisfied customers and those that create loyal customers.

Positive Management: Managing for Results
Positive Management is a one to two day workshop detailing a powerful systemic approach to year-round performance management, from performance planning through performance evaluation. This program focuses special attention on the participant’s role in creating a high performance work environment.


Additional Programs include:

Performance Planning: Aligning Performance with Organizational Goals and Objectives Establishing Measurable Objectives and Clear Performance Standards
Consultative Sales programs
Rethinking Leadership: Managing Change and Uncertainty
Coaching for Results
Coaching for Improved Performance (Stop Dancing and Start Coaching)
Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
Working with Challenging Customers
Delivering WOW Service (Health Care)