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Positive Management

Positive Management: Managing for Results

The Positive Management program is offered on-site at your organization, and specifically tailored to your needs. To learn more about this program and how it may work for your organization, contact us at 314 367 5511.

Positive Management is a one to two day workshop detailing a powerful systemic approach to performance management, from performance planning through performance evaluation. This program is designed for entry to middle level managers working in today’s knowledge intensive work environments.

At the heart of this program is the belief that managers seeking to optimize individual and work group performance must abandon the control and coercion supervisory practices of the past. These practices squander organizational resources (human and financial) by producing work climates of entitlement, fear and mistrust. Positive management provides those in supervisory positions a fundamentally new (for many) approach to managing employee performance as well as a pallette of new tools and strategies for elevating individual and work group performance.

Key Objectives

Participants will 

  • Recognize the limitations of traditional control and coercion supervisory practices
  • Learn requirements for establishing positive employee supervisor relationships
  • Learn to use performance planning as a strategic management tool
  • Learn the three primary functions of coaching
  • Learn a systematic process for correcting poor performance
  • Learn the correct way to conduct performance evaluations

Program Topics 

  • Rethinking managing employee performance
  • Activity versus results-focused orientations
  • Establishing a sustainable high-performance work environment
  • Aligning coaching with the plan
  • Coaching for performance improvement
  • Constructive performance evaluations