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Creating Thriving Work Communities

Creating Thriving Work Communities:

The Creating Thriving Work Communities program is a dynamic leadership development and organizational change program for executives, managers and other professionals charged with improving organizational performance through people. This in-house program focuses on fighting the enemies of organizational learning and transformation–cultural distance, organizational fragmentation and group alienation. It gets to the heart of what leaders must do to tap the individual and collective talent, energy and potential residing in today’s increasingly diverse work communities.

At the core of this highly interactive program is a new strategic framework based on the work of Frederick Falker for understanding and overcoming destructive, yet naturally occurring, divisions within our work communities. This framework helps leaders easily transfer what they learn in the workshop to the real world of their teams and organizations.

Key Objectives:

Participants will

  • Recognize how the quality and quantity of relationships existing within a work community largely determine the underlying health of the community as well as its productivity
  • Understand the concepts of cultural distance, group alienation and organizational fragmentation and the negative impact each has on work community functioning
  • Acquire awareness of the systemic forces and resulting underlying patterns of behavior that divide people one from another and produce unhealthy divisions within work communities
  • Learn foundational skills for reducing cultural distance and managing bias
  • Learn concrete strategies for addressing such divisions in their work groups and organizations
  • Improve their ability to lead and manage a multi-cultural workforce
  • Explore their role in Creating a Thriving Work Community

The Creating Thriving Work Communities Program is always customized to meet your organization’s unique training needs. Whether your focus is on leadership development, increasing organizational learning or breaking down silos and establishing a more diversity friendly work environment, The Creating Thriving Work Communities Program , improve customer service or just starting a diversity initiative, looking for a more effective method of continuing diversity training within your organization or looking for a fresh new program to keep managing diversity front and center in the minds of employees in your organization, Connections may be the program for your organization.

The Creating Thriving Work Communities program is offered on-site at your organization, and specifically tailored to your needs. To talk more about what we can do for you, contact us at 314 367 5511.