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Connections: Reducing Cultural Distance

Connections: Reducing Cultural Distance

The Connections: Reducing Cultural Distance program is offered on-site at your organization, and is specifically tailored to your needs. To learn more about this program and how it may work for your organization, contact us at 314 367 5511.

The Connections Program is a strikingly new and better approach to diversity training. Bold in its conception, it challenges virtually every assumption underlying traditional diversity training. Participants leave with new insights and practical skills for helping them connect with others in today’s increasingly diverse work communities.

Beyond recognizing, accepting and embracing differences in the workplace, Connections is a powerful program designed to harness the untapped individual and collective potential of all employees to produce bottom-line results.  Unlike traditional diversity training programs which are too frequently divisive, Connections brings people and organizations together.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will :

  •  Learn to recognize the underlying patterns of social behavior that divide and fragment all human communities
  • Explore the concept of cultural distance and its impact on establishing relationships
  • Learn specific skills for reducing cultural distance and managing personal bias

The Connections Program is always customized to meet your organization’s unique diversity training needs. Whether you are just starting a diversity initiative, looking for a more effective method of continuing diversity training within your organization or looking for a fresh new program to keep managing diversity front and center in the minds of employees in your organization, Connections may be the program for your organization.